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Duties of Team Leader

  1. Team Leader has to take proper reporting from the team members.
  2. Reporting has to be done at least 3 times in a day.
    1. At 10:00 am – For assigning tasks
    2. At 02:00 pm – For knowing the current status of Works assigned and then
    3. At 07:00 pm – For verifying the work by sharing screen. The team leader will note down the work done and if he wants something to be changed he has to mention it using Microsoft OneNote desktop tool. (For details on how to use this tool prepare a separate video)
  3. It is the responsibility of the Team Leader to get the work done on time and in correct manner from the team members.
  4. The Team Leader has full rights to give a memo to any of the team member if they are not following the protocol laid down by the company.
  5. The team should follow all the instructions given by the Team Leader without arguing.
  6. In case the team is having any concerns regarding the Team Leader they can directly contact the company owner.
  7. The Team Leader should report to the Company Owner everyday at 09:00 pm.