A dynamic website contains information that changes, depending on the viewer, the time of the day, the time zone, the viewer’s native language, and other factors.

Dynamic Website

Latest Technology For Website Editing Without Any Technological Knowledge

Dynamic Website ( Explanation and Example)

A dynamic website contains information that changes, depending on the viewer, the time of the day, the time zone, the viewer’s native language, and other factors.

For example, suppose if you go to Amazon.in for online shopping. You see a search box in which you type the name of the item you want and then press enter. After pressing enter it will show you results that match your search criteria.

A website which can show data according to USER requirements is called as Dynamic Website. Content of dynamic Web pages can be generated on-the-fly. 

At present this is essential because People want to get only required information and this can be achieved only through Dynamic Websites.

And hence we develop Dynamic Websites that suits your needs and requirements.

  • Websites that can be edited using a FRONT END software are called Dynamic Websites.

    The software that is used to edit Websites is same like Microsoft Word. You just have to type your content. Format it (bold, italic, change color etc) and press on save. Your contents will be automatically posted to the page.

    Any person who knows how to use Microsoft Word can edit his website with ease.

    1. You can edit your website yourself without any technical or programming skill/knowledge
    2. No need to depend on website development company for updations 
    3. Updations are fast as you do it on your own and according to your convenient time.
    4. No need to pay updation charges.
    1. Depend totally on website development for updating website and other content.
    2. The time required for updating is more because the company will update your website when your turn comes as they have to give proper and fair service to everyone.
    3. Pay charges for updating.
  • No – you don’t need to know any programming language.

    Any person who knows Microsoft Word can edit website. The software is very ease to use and user friendly.

  • In Static websites you cannot edit your content yourself. In order to edit content you need to have some programming knowledge.

    Where as in Dynamic Websites you can edit websites without any technical knowledge.

    According to us – DYNAMIC WEBSITES are the best as compared to Static Websites because they give you more flexibility in editing your content.

  • We recommend all our clients to go for Dynamic Websites. It’s the latest technology that is currently available in the market and this is going to be the future of web programming. 

    Going for a Dynamic Website will prove a wise decision in the long run.

  • Yes. Static Website Technology is outdated. It still exists but it not that much popular due to the problems associated with it.

    For example, landlines was a popular technology few years before. Now everyone is using Mobile phone due to the convenience it offers. But it doesn’t mean that landline still exists but its popularity has decreased.

    In above example if we replace Landline with the term Static Websites and Mobile with the term Dynamic Website the meaning would be more clear to you.

  • You can change almost everything.

    For Example : You can change Sliding Photos, Menu Bar, Photos, Contact Us page as well as all other pages.

    Imagination is the only limitation for your creativity and editing your website.

  • Yes we do provide a 6 hour training after we complete your website. The training is absolutely FREE OF COST.

    We also have training videos displayed on our website under the title 2 MINUTES VIDEOS so that you can watch the videos and follow the steps. The duration of the videos is purposely kept small so that you can get exactly what you want in minimum time.

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