1. Minimum Sliding Photos : 4
    2. Maximum Sliding Photos : 6
    3. Dimensions : Width 1366 ; Height : 768 If dimensions are more than specified its OK but it should not be less than the specified dimensions.
    4. We suggest you to hire a Professional Photographer so that you can SHOWCASE your features properly.
    5. Format : JPG
    6. Size : Not more than 4 MB
    7. All of the images should be stored in a folder called Sliding Photos (We will provide you with the login details)
    1. Images should be captured using HD Camera of at least 16 MP
    2. Dimensions : Width : 250 pixels; Height : 250 pixels
    3. Format : PNG 24 bit
    4. Background of the images should be transparent (Images with colored background will not be accepted)
    5. Size : Not more than 500 KB
    6. Scanned Copies will not be accepted
    7. Blur Images will be rejected
    8. All of the images should be stored in a folder called Staff Photos (We will provide you with the login details)
    1. Image sizes should be less than 500 KB. (You can upload higher size images but the performance will be poor)
    2. Create proper folders for every Event so that users can find the required photos easily. For ex. Suppose you have to upload Gathering photos. Then first of all create a folder called Gathering. Inside it create a folder 2017 according to year. Inside it create folders according to class 1st std, 2nd std and so on. And then upload your photos to that particular folder.
    3. Do not upload more than 7 GB photos.
    4. If your 7 GB quota is full then kindly take backup of it and delete these photos so that you can make space for new photos.
    1. Single day full training at our office location.
    2. Time : Morning 09:00 to Evening 04:00
    3. Minimum 3 Computer Literate Staff
    4. Bring
      1. Notebook
      2. Writing Pen
      3. Pen Drive
      4. Blank 3 DVD’s
        1. 1st DVD for Operating System
        2. 2nd DVD for SMS Software
        3. 3rd DVD Training Videos
      5. Mobile Phone
      6. Laptop (if available)
      7. Written Doubts or Questions so that we can discuss. 
    1. Address Proof : Light Bill or Telephone Bill reflecting the name of the institute
    2. Affiliation Letter from concerned authority
    3. Covering Letter to be printed on the official letter head. Download Covering Letter
    4. All above documents should be scanned with at least 300 dpi resolution
    5. The size of the scanned document should not be more than 4 MB
    6. These scanned files then should be converted to PDF Files
    7. Note : All files should be separate. Means you should send us 3 PDF files. 1st PDF file should be named ADDRESS PROOF, 2nd file should be named AFFILIATION LETTER and 3rd file should be named COVERING LETTER.
    8. Only PDF files will be accepted.
  • 2 images in a row width 560 height 315
    3 images in a row – width 360 height 273
    4 images in a row – width 262 height 200

    • All the fields except address should be unique
    • Mobile numbers should be compulsory unique and should not be repeated
    • Fill the form by clicking here 
  • Use FileZilla Software to upload files

    Host : websiteaddress
    username : ftpclient@yourwebsiteaddress
    Password : 9960333954

    Example :
    Host :
    username :
    Password : 9960333954

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