Renewal for the Coming Year 2019

  • Our company’s working year is same for all.
    Our Working Starts on : 1st January 
    Working Year Ends on : 31st December

    Let us consider following scenarios.

    Scene  :

    Suppose a client takes service from us on 1st June. A year consist of 365 days. So accordingly his renewal will be done on 31st May the next coming year. This completes his 1 working year properly.

    Our next year is called ROUND OFF YEAR –  Means this time when you pay renewal fees it will be not for the complete year. It will be for the days remaining till 31st December.

    For example :

    In above example 1st working year ended on 31st May. So now the days are calculated as – days remaining till 31st december.

    Number of Remaining days = (31st December YYYY ) – (31st May YYYY)
                                  = 31st December 2018 – 31st May 2018
                                  = 215 Days

    Renewal fees per day is Rs. 10. So final amount is calculated as

    Final Amount = (Number of days till 31st December 2018) x 10
                               = 215 x 10
                               = 2150/- Rupees

  • The last date of Payment is 9th December 2018. All our clients are requested to pay before this date to avoid penalty charges.

  • If payment is not done on or before 9th December 2018 the client has to pay 500 rupees as penalty charges. These penalty charges are not taken by us but from the companies we are taking service.

    In order to avoid these penalty charges we request our clients to make the payment before 9th December 2018 and enjoy quality service.

Bill for Renewal Year 2018

If you want bill you can download it from here. This is common bill for everyone. So download and customize it as per your specifications.

Payment Receipt - Renewal Year 2018

If you have already paid then you can download receipt. Note this is for your reference and if legal matter arises then you have submit us the Bank Transfer Details without which this receipt is INVALID.

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