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Special Instructions for Babali Kamble

  1. You should work for minimum 6 hours per day. Remember these are minimum hours. If you have more work then it’s your duty to work for more time and complete the tasks on time.
  2. Your official working time is from 10:00 am to 05:00 pm.
  3. You should start working at the specified times. No excuses for the delay will be allowed.
  4. Lunch break will be from 02:00 pm to 02:30 pm
  5. You should not use your phone for personal reasons during office hours.
  6. In case your company owner call’s you it’s your responsibility to answer his call on priority basis.
  7. You should report to the team leader and the company owner at 10:00 am, 02:00 pm, 05:00 pm, and 09:00 pm.
  8. You should show page by page progress to the concerned team leader using screen sharing software.
  9. You should complete the tasks assigned to you by any of your team members within time.
  10. You will have holiday only on Sunday.
  11. If there is no work then in that case you can take holiday on Saturday.
  12. No other holidays will be allowed.
  13. Your salary will be deducted if you do not complete the project in time.
  14. You should take proper reporting from you team members.
  15. It’s your responsibility to check every page done by your team members and guide them.
  16. You should mention the changes you require to the team member using Microsoft OneNote software.
  17. You should take proper reporting from you team members.
  18. You will be held responsible for the mistakes done by your team members.
  19. As you are appointed as the Technical head it’s your responsibility to solve the technical issues.
  20. In case you are not able to solve the technical issues you have to report the issue immediately to your higher authority.
  21. Start meetings on time. Don’t keep the customer waiting.
  22. Before starting and after completing the task report status to the customer.
  23. In case the customer does not answer your call then send a message on what’s app.
  24. Don’t lie and make false promises to customer and especially company owner.
  25. You have to follow above instructions along with the terms and conditions mentioned on our company’s website.