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Staff – Qualification/Prerequisite as a Developer

  1. Candidate should be able to speak in Marathi and Hindi language
  2. Command on English is not required.
  3. No educational background required.
    1. You will be recruited on the skill you have and not on the qualification you have.
  4. Candidate should be able to learn new things by watching videos.
  5. Candidate must compulsory have desktop/laptop of his own along with high speed internet connectivity.
  6. Candidate must have his own Smart Phone.
  7. Following candidates are not allowed.
    1. Students currently studying
    2. Male Candidates are not entertained to work as developers.
    3. Females with technical backgrounds like B.E., Diploma, B.Sc., BCS or any other.
  8. Following candidates are allowed
    1. We hire only non-technical candidates.
    2. Female : We recruit only female married candidates with children studying at least studying in 1st standard.
    3. Candidates who are in need of job
    4. Candidates who are ready to undertake a legal agreement with a minimum contract period of 18 months.
    5. Candidates who are ready to follow our company’s terms and conditions mentioned on our website.