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Staff – Terms & Conditions

  1. This job is available as a part time job. You can work full time anywhere else. The company has no objection on where you work before/after the working hours.
  2. You should work for Minimum 3 hours per day. These hours should be continuous without breaks.
  3. This job is a life time work from home job.
  4. You can chose work time according to your own convenience. But once you fix your work time you will not be allowed to change the time.
  5. Personal phone calls and other apps during these work time are prohibited.
  6. If you want leave you should inform minimum 2 days before the leave.
  7. You should have your own Laptop/Desktop along with high speed wireless/portable internet connection.
  8. Candidate must recharge his mobile phone and internet connection on his own.
  9. You must have a Smart Phone
  10. You should submit a postdated cheque of 15,000/- as a security measure. This cheque is refundable if you work with us for 18 months. In case you want to quit before these 18 months your cheque amount will be withdrawn and will be credited to company account as a compensation.
  11. You should accept the agreement if you want to work with us.
  12. If you agree to work with us the minimum duration that you have to work with us is 18 months.
  13. If you want to quit job after successfully completing your initial 18 months then you should inform 60 days before
  14. During office hours the company has full authority to access your machine and view you screen as well as track you.
  15. You should report every day at a particular time defined for you. Failing to report will reduce your points which will have a direct impact on your earnings.
  16. The earning you earn will be dependable on your expertise and the amount of standard time  required to complete a project.
  17. You have to complete the project before the deadline assigned for that project.
  18. No reasons for the delay of the project will be entertained.
  19. Failing to complete the project before deadline will reduce your earnings.
  20. You are not allowed to disclose tools and technologies used by the company according to the company’s privacy and confidentiality policy.
  21. You are also not allowed to use the tools anywhere else without the written permission of the company’s owner.
  22. You are also not allowed to share the username and password. Incase anything goes wrong using your username and password you will be held responsible and appropriate penalty will be charged.
  23. You are also not allowed to directly contact the client without company’s permission.
  24.  Your candidature for the post will be considered only after you accept all the above terms and conditions as well as any other updated on the website from time to time.