Website Development Schedule

schedule low1
  • 1.       Register Domain Name

    2.       Configure Name Servers

    3.       Add Account in Hosting Panel – WHM

    4.       Login to C Panel

    a.       Create email address

    b.      Install WordPress

    c.       Install Themes

    d.      Install Plugins

    5.       Give them these details through email

    a.       Login details of CPanel

    b.      Email

    c.       WordPress

    6.       Configure email addresses on Client’s Computer and Mobile

    7.       Register business on Google My Business

    8.       Add site to ‘Google Webmaster Tools’

    9.       Add Google Analytics to Website

    1. Create Home Page
    2. About Us page
    3. Contact Us Page
    1. Create Custom Post Type
    2. Define Layout using Template
    1. Add Data into ‘ Custom Post Type’ (Data Entry Operator)
    2. Focus on CSS and implement CSS Design Effects.
    1. Show Website to clients for their approval. If any changes are mentioned implement them seriously.
    1. Continue with client mentioned changes and take final approval.
    2. Publish
    1. SEO all pages
    2. Add Structured Data to Home, Contact and Products Page using Google Web Master Tools
    1. Prepare Sitemap and Submit Sitemap to Google
    2. Request Crawl
    1. Take Backup
      1. Give one backup copy to client
      2. Keep one on SkyDrive
      3. One on Laptop
      4. One on External Hard disk
      5. Client Satisfaction letter
      6. Take reviews from all the people working over there.
  • Review own work and document lessons learnt.

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