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Work Flow

To Do Register client

To Do Send customer link of a page where what all documents and information is required are shown. This page should also contain videos describing the process and what is actually expected from the customer. To send this link using the welcome email in whmcs and configure to same welcome email template to your needs.

To Do Add this new client information in our excel file and our software prepared by Suraj Tardale for client management. Note down essential things such as payment finalized for the project, payment received and payment pending. Also note down the start date of the project and end date of the project. The end date of the project should be 10 days from the date of project start date. Mark this customer as a new customer and once the project is marked as completed convert him to normal customer.

To Do Add this customer to our what’s app group and tell them to remain in the group as its compulsory if they want to continue with the service.

To Do First website should be developed on sub-domain because we have not received any payment.

To Do Babali will create a sub-domain and mention the same in our software as sub-domain – created. Then this project will be assigned to some staff. The assignment of the project should be automatic. As soon as the project is assigned to some staff that staff should receive sms and email informing the necessary details. Also the details of the project assigned should be visible in their panel.

To Do Start with project development

To Do Collect the necessary data and complete the project on time by taking proper follow-up

To Do If project is completed by staff following checks should be performed

To Do Internal checks

To Do After completion from data entry operator the project should be checked by babali for any errors. The project should be check per page basis. Are all pages opening properly should also be checked.

To Do After checked by babali the project should again be checked by Suhas for technical issues.

To Do If babali and suhas both mark the project as completed then only the project should be marked as “completed from Staff” but don’t mark as Totally completed until demo is shown to the customer.

To Do Check for any pending payments. If no payments are pending then only move the project to live domain name.

To Do Send a write review link of google my business page to customer. If he writes review then only move to live server. Whether he has written a review or not should be verified by babali and she will write the status in the software as Review – Completed or pending.

To Do Move to live server


To Do WordPress install

To Do Install default WordPress using softaculous

To Do Install our company’s default template

To Do Keep admin username as hvdc

To Do Give admin email as admin@website address

To Do After first login manually update all plugins and themes

To Do Enable AutoUpdate

To Do Enable autoupdate for wordpress

To Do Enable autoupdate for plugins

To Do Enable autoupdate for Themify

To Do Create Email accounts

To Do Admin (for administrative purposes on our own server). Used by company for all purposes

To Do Zoho – configure zoho email accounts and note down the admin email id used for the same.

To Do Enable Backup in sofaculous – Monthly 2 backups

To Do Add site to website for central management

To Do Enable off-site backup using the backup plugin purchased

To Do Show full and in-depth demo to the customer

To Do Send customer a link where he will enter his Name and contact details and mark the project status as completed. Verify with OTP message.

To Do Once a project is marked as completed by the customer then only the project should be marked as totally completed.

To Do Convert this new customer to regular customer once the project is marked as totally completed.

To Do Send SMS to customer and Amol Mirje saying that the project named ……. Has been successfully completed.